These mostly large-scale works talk about the experience of the body as well as its metaphorical representation. It is the most recent series of paintings within the Body Series, investigating the role of the individual and the collective and their mutual relationship. Historical references play an important part in the contextual and compositional processes.

Throughout history, painting has been used as a medium for religious, mythological, and representational topics, corresponding to the given moral and ethical set of values directed by external sources (faith, power). As part of its evolution and break with tradition, the function of art in society transitioned into a fitting social representation of today’s guiding moral and ethical values, which seem to be represented by individualism.

Despite the liberation and freedom of choice, the individual is not able to fill the void, as famously set out by Nietzsche with “God is dead”.

“I want this work to reflect an inner battle, a dance, an orgy, irrational behavior, a symphony—that tension that corresponds to the eye of the beholder’s experience within itself.”